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An Ode to Motherhood

Essentuary is home to soothing postpartum essentials, giving birth and especially the fourth trimester the attention they deserve. We developed solution-based products with new mothers and their families in mind, providing the tools to make life a little easier. We take pride in running a meaningful, innovative and yet sustainable business.


Our mission is to initiate a meaningful and inclusive community where we share the raw truth and embrace the difficulties of the postpartum period. Without judgment. We like to create awareness of postpartum needs as we believe taboos and sugarcoating never helped anyone.


“Objects designed for birth, fertility and parenthood have long been neglected by institutions.” (New York Times, 2021) With our best-in-class product line, we aim to change this trend and provide you with difference-making products that nurture your postpartum body.


We believe running our business sustainably is vital with the current state of the environment across the globe. We reduce our eco-footprint as much as possible by using 100% recycled shipping material, using as little paper as possible, and designing our products to be reusable even after the postpartum period.

An Ode to the

Essentially all of our products are reusable
Our Peri Bottle is used instead of toilet paper and uses less water than traditional bottles
The Delivery and Nursing Dress is multifunctional and can even be used as normal PJs after the nursing period
Our shipment packaging is made out of recycled cardboard

An Ode to You

Founded by Lot van Nunen, Essentuary was born to help provide solutions for the lack of sophisticated tools for new moms. In her home country of the Netherlands, outdated “life hacks” are commonly used. For example, new moms are recommended to use refrigerated cabbage to soothe engorgement and to freeze a sandwich bag filled with syrup to help with the burning sensation down there.